Cooking will be easy and convenient with the kitchen utensils we have selected for you. Our excellent line of complementary accessories will help you turn your kitchen into an authentic creative cooking workshop.


Multi-purpose scraper for glass-ceramic cleaning, glass, etc.

Red Accessories

Wide range of accessories to meet the needs of any cook. Anti-slip handle and quality tools for daily cooking.

Sybarite Spatula

Enjoy a series of comfortable and resistant utensils. Its ergonomic handle facilitates a perfect grip and total control.

Knives Block

The perfect place to store your knives, scissors and sharpeners.

Ham Holder

Una combinación perfecta: soporte jamonero realizado en madera, cuchillo jamonero y afilador.


The lyre is a tool that is used to make precise cuts in any piece of cheese. Contains replacement thread.


Essential at the table. Made in quality steel, Quttin corkscrews are versatile, comfortable and durable.


Discover our assortment of scissors. Special to fix fish or with 5 leaves to chop. There is a perfect scissor for each use.

Oscillating peelers

Indispensable in any kitchen. It facilitates tremendously the ungrateful task of peeling fruits and vegetables. Safe, comfortable and precise.

Sybarite Sharpener

Keeping your knives sharp has never been so simple. The Sybarite chaira is made of quality materials to provide a durable edge.