Usual types of knives and kitchen tools.

Paring knife

Small, light, manageable and with sharp tip. It serves to peel all kinds of tubers, fruits and vegetables.

Steak knife

Narrow, strong and thin-leafed. It is used to cut fillets and lightly grilled meat effortlessly.

Tomatoes knife

With short, strong blade and wavy edge. Designed to cut tomatoes into slices or segments without effort.

Vegetables knife

Small, strong blade, smooth edge and stable tip. Clean, peel and cut small fruits and vegetables.

Boning knife

Thin blade, with characteristic curvature and smooth edge. Perfect to loosen the bones of the meat.

Fillet knife

Long blade, thin and flexible, with smooth edge. File meat and fish getting a clean cut.


The multipurpose tool of the Asian kitchen of wide and very sharp blade. It has three uses: preparation of meat, fish and vegetables.

Carving knife

Slim, with stable blade and smooth edge. It is used for all types of roasted or cooked meats.

Chef knife

Wide blade knife, smooth edge, stable and strong. Multi-purpose knife for professionals and amateur chefs who clean, cut and chop vegetables.

Bread knife

Long and strong blade, wavy edge. With teeth that effortlessly break the bread crust.

Ham knife

Long, thin, with flexible blade and smooth edge. Special for cutting ham and other large pieces of meat.


With a stable and wide blade, with a rectangular shape. Suitable for chopping large pieces of meat and chopping chops.

Fishmonger knife

With stable and wide blade and triangular form. Suitable for chopping large fishes.

Espátula plancha

Utensilio de metal,firme pero flexible. Apto para voltear alimentos en Ia plancha y limpiar su superficie.

Steak smasher

One piece of steel, thick and blunt, it is used to soften and flatten cuts of meat.

Fish scaler

It has a double saw with which the skin of the fish is scraped to remove the scales.